Upcoming Elections in 2023

Pennsylvania holds elections every year, alternating between state and federal elections in even years and judicial and local elections in odd years. Usually the process starts with the nominating petition process in February, but the township Dems have scheduled their endorsement meeting for the judicial races unexpectedly early this year – this week. Endorsements give party support to candidates running in a primary. For low information races like magisterial judge these endorsements can be critical to candidates.

State Judicial Races

Starting at the top, there is a vacancy on the state supreme court after the death of Chief Justice Baer. So far at least 2 Democrats and one Republican are running.

There are two vacancies for the Judge of the Superior Court after Judge Shogan retired and Judge Bender reached the mandatory retirement age. Two Democrats are running according to Wikipedia (one for the second time) so far, but they don’t have any Republicans listed yet.

There is one vacancy for the Judge of the Commonwealth Court after Judge Brobson was elected to the state supreme court. There are two Republicans running but no Democrats listed yet.

Local Judicial Races

There is one vacancy on the Delaware County Court of Common Pleas. The Court of Common Pleas is the main trial court for our area. Delaware County Register of Wills Rachel Berry and Jennifer Dipillo are the Democrats running for this seat, I haven’t heard yet who’s running for the Republicans.

There is also an election for the local Magisterial District court, which does bail hearings, truancies and hears matters under $10k. Previously this court covers the northern part of the township, but the districts are being redrawn and the boundaries are still not set. Probably this district will expand to cover all of Nether Providence, but its not certain yet. This is the seat vacated by Judge Krull when she was elected to the Court of Common Pleas in 2021. Judge Liz Gallard was appointed to the position last summer and is currently serving as Judge. She’s running as well as Media lawyer Pat Henigan. I haven’t heard who’s running on the Republican side. Fair disclosure, as Constable, I work for the district court judges.

County Races

update – these got left out originally

Three county council seats are up for election – Monica Taylor, Christine Reuther and Elaine Schaefer are all running for re-election. County District Attorney Jack Stollsteimer is also running for re-election.

Local Races

The Wallingford-Swarthmore School district has one race in Region 1 and two in Region 2 (and another two in Region 3 over in Swarthmore-Rutledge). Region 1 covers the northern part of the township and Region 2 covers the southern part and Rose Valley. Currently Nannette Whitsett is the region 1 school board member and Mary Jo Witkowski Smith and Larry Kutys are the region 2 ones up for re-election.

In the township its an odd year, so Wards 1, 3, 5 and 7 are up for election. Ward 1 is currently Max Cooper, Ward 3 is Micah Knapp, Ward 5 is Shaina Barnes and Ward 7 is Marty Molloy. Garden City is mostly in Ward 5 (there’s bits on the edges in wards 1, 6 and 7).

For the first time in a while we have no special elections in Nether Providence, so that’s a relief.

The Unknown

There are some state-wide Republican ballot initiatives that could be passed in time to appear on the ballot. But, since it’s expected the Republican will lose the 3 special elections scheduled for February 7th for open house seats, they’d have to ram them through pretty quickly while they have enough votes – assuming they have the votes. They’d need every single Republican to vote with them to pass the possible constitutional amendments.

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