2023 Nether Providence Township January Workshop Meeting

The board met for its regular meeting on Jan 12th. The video is on Youtube and the agenda is on the township website. It was one of the shortest meetings they’ve had.


The board needs an alternate board member in case of a tie on a vote to replace a missing board member, so they’re looking for suggestions. This has not been needed in anyone’s memory, so it is unlikely to involve any work, but the person should be familiar with how the board operates.

The board appointed Pat O’Rourke to continue as the township’s emergency management coordinator.

There is an opening on the Zoning Hearing Board.

The board ratified the appointment of Cory Salmon to the CDCA. They’d already appointed him last year, but apparently they needed to confirm it in 2023.

Government Relations

No update on the PECO tree cutting reliability projects in the area, but their contractors will be doing routine tree trimming throughout the township soon.

Infrastructure and Public Works

The board moved to advertise the draft access to the public right of way for utilities ordinance that has been long discussed. This ordinance is an effort to get more information from utilities working in the right of way by requiring them to seek a permit.

The board moved to advertise the small wireless facilities ordinance. They can’t ban these devices (which would likely be attached to telephone poles), but they can put restrictions on them. The ordinance was based on one from Lansdowne.

The board passed a resolution to accept $15k of state aid passed through the county for road work.

Parks and Open Space

Field work is underway on the baseball field at Hepford Park to regrade the diamond and install new sod.

Public Safety

The township is surveying residents on Vernon about their views on speed bumps there.

The board advertised ordinances to install multiway stops on Bickmore & Scott as well as on both ends of Pennsylvania and New Jersey (after some confusion caused by Pennsylvania and New Jersey meeting in two places – the stop signs will be at both ends). The Bickmore and Scott intersection was dangerously confusing, so I’m glad to see this cleared up.

Finance and Administration

The board approved routine destruction of old documents like pay sheets, personnel records and old contracts.

Community Health and Environment

The township is looking into a grant opportunity for charging stations that could be installed along I-476. Bullens Ln., Smedley and Gouley Parks would all be within the grant’s desired distance to the interstate exits.

Building and Zoning

The Zoning Hearing Board has a new solicitor.

Manager’s Report

Delaware County is holding an open house to discuss its newest park on Jan 14th.

The township is collecting Christmas Trees throughout January. If your tree isn’t collected within a week, give the township a call.

Delaware County has scheduled its Household Hazardous Waste events. The first one is in April.

Furness Library intends to apply for the story walk grant discussed at the township meeting last week. The board approved allowing them to install it in Furness Park conditional on consultation with the township about the location of the walk.

During the budget meeting last year there were discussions about how the township could help out the library. The township has agreed to cut the lawn and has helped with some lighting issues. It’s nice to see our local institutions working together, hopefully this works out.

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