2023 February Nether Providence Workshop Meeting

The Nether Providence Board of Commissioners held their regular meeting on February 9th. This short meeting can be found on Youtube here and the agenda is available on the township website here. The audio was much improved from last time, so this should be more accurate.


The board of commissioners heard from a resident on Wallingford Ave. that wanted her house converted from commercial zoning to R5 zoning. The property has been used as a residence since at least 1985, when she and her husband moved in. The change would allow her child to build an adjacent house on the property to live by her. The solicitor noted that at least 2 properties must be rezoned, it isn’t allowed to rezone single lots. The commissioners approved sending it to the Planning Commission for review as well as notifying neighboring residences to see if they’d also like to have their properties rezoned.

The board noted there are vacancies on the Zoning Hearing Board and Planning Commission

The engineer noted that bids came in for the low volume road grant for work on Forrest St. There were six bids, all over budget so the engineer is reviewing the project further.

Government Relations

The township is hosting a comprehensive planning meeting for the public on March 14th at 7 pm at WES. The township is redoing its comprehensive plan, which will set goals for the township over the next 10-20 years. The previous comprehensive plan is available here. The comprehensive plan sets out a vision for township development, looking at transportation, parks, land use and zoning, township services and the general character of the township. The township would like to hear about what’s going well, and what needs improvement.

Parks & Open Space

The township still plans to attend the Feb 15th SRA meeting to discuss fields at Gouley Parks.

The township received quotes for taking down 4 trees at Leiper Park that are a safety concern (PECO is removing a 5th that is near power lines). The lowest quote was $21k, which was more than the $18k the township had budgeted for tree work this year. But, since it’s a safety issue, the board approved the expense. Commissioner Molloy spoke about the need for a more complete study of the township’s trees and noted the loss of tree canopy in the Garden City area.

The board of commissioners approved up to $4,250 in funds to be matched by NPAA for improvements to the T-ball field at Hepford Park. This is another unbudgeted expense, so funds will be drawn from the parks capital improvement budget.

Public Safety

The township will continue to collect feedback about proposed speed bumps on Vernon Rd. until Feb 17th. Feedback has been mostly positive so far, so after that they’ll look into planning work to be done this summer.

Community Health and Environment

The annual CRC Creek Cleanup signups are opening soon. The cleanup is on March 25th from 9-11:30 am. The signup is here. It looks like Taylor Arboretum, Smedley Park, Leiper Park, Little Crum Creek Park and CADES are all on the list in our area.

Electronics recycling and shredding is happening on March 11th from 9 am – 1 pm at Gouley Park. They are also collecting donations for Goodwill this year.

The township’s Shade Tree Commission has submitted an application for bare root trees to replace the ones being cut down at Leiper Park.

Infrastructure and Public Works

The township received quotes to demolish the steel structure at the public works garage to make room for the new garage being built soon. The lowest quote was $14,200.

The road program is out for bid, the list of roads is available on the township website. Bids are expected to return by the next meeting.

Building and Zoning

There are two items on the ZHB agenda for their February meeting.

Due to supply and labor constraints, people applying for variances have found it difficult to start work in the 6 month window allowed once a variance is granted. The board asked the planning commission to consider whether this window should be lengthened (maybe a year? 9 months? 18 months? These were all thrown out as possibilities) to reduce the number of people having to apply for variance renewals.

Manager Report

The county is holding two open houses concerning the county’s new and largest park at the Don Guenella site. The events are Feb 21st from 6-8 pm at Chester City Hall and Feb 22nd from 6-8 pm at the Upper Chichester Community Center.

The county’s first hazardous household waste event is April 22nd.

DelCo River rink tickets are still available at the township building (5/family, good until Feb 23rd).

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