A Survey From The County

I caught this on social media yesterday and I haven’t seen it promoted elsewhere, but the county seems to be attempting a survey of community views. The press release (and a link to the survey) are available here. The press release makes it sound like this is a test of this system, so maybe they’re planning to use it for something more detailed in the future.

Delaware County is launching a new public survey tool to better understand local priorities and concerns on a wide range of County services and resources and to also better understand the overall quality of the lives of residents.

The questions here tend to be very generic – how do you like DelCo, would you recommend it to a friend, as well as questions about the county’s services for non-English speakers, those with a disability and the County’s efforts on sustainability, open spaces, arts and culture. There’s a space at the end for written comment for things you like and things you don’t like about DelCo.

If you have a few minutes today, take a survey!

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