Nether Providence Township Feb 2023 Legislative Meeting

The Board of Commissioners held their regular meeting on Feb. 23rd. The audio was hard to hear, but the video is here and the agenda is here.


There was a public comment asking for a fence to be put up, I think by the creek in Gouley Park to prevent children from getting into the creek and into private yards. The board said they’d take a look, maybe put in some plantings to provide better screening between the park and nearby homes.

The board approved the minutes for the last two meetings.

The 3rd ward commissioner submitted a letter of resignation. Micah Knapp was currently the second longest serving commissioner and was board president through the beginning of the pandemic. The board has 30 days to appoint a replacement. The replacement must have been a resident of the 3rd ward for at least a year. Anyone interested should send the township a letter of interest.

The Zoning Hearing Board and Planning Commission continue to have vacancies. Ani Diakatos was appointed to the historical commission.

Government Relations

The township is holding a comprehensive planning meeting for the public on March 14th at 7 pm at WES. The comprehensive plan they are working on will guide development in the township over the next 10-20 years. (editor note – The township also has a survey active, you can find a link to it on the township website here. )

PECO continues to do tree trimming in the community, although currently its crews have been called to New York to deal with the storm there. They will return.

Parks and Open Space

The township met with the SRA to discuss a partnership for a field at Gouley Park. There will be a further meeting between SRA, NPAA and the township on March 2nd for further discussion.

The township will be supporting NPAA baseball’s grant application for a DCNR grant to install dugouts at Hepford and Bullens Ln. fields. The township will provide technical expertise as well as have its staff install the dugouts to help NPAA meet the grant’s 50% match requirement.

Public Safety

The speed humps on Vernon got punted to the next meeting.


The usual bills were paid.

The board voted to waive a $500 stormwater fee for the school district for work being done at King’s Field.

The board approved bids received for the old mower and 2015 truck. The truck’s replacement will be arriving later this year.

The board decided not to sell the 2016 charger because the bids were too low. Instead it will be used by the code enforcement officer and the township will sell the 2007 charger instead.

Community Enhancement

The CRC Creek cleanup is taking place on March 25th, there are sites in Nether Providence and across DelCo.

Electronics recycling is taking place on March 11th at Gouley Park. Details are on the township website.

Infrastructure and Public Works

This was hard to hear because of the mics.

The Forest Rd. low volume road grant bids came back high. The township is looking at alternatives to cover the cost difference, either using the lower bids from the phase 1 paving program or asking for additional funds.

The board approved Aqua’s payments in lieu of repaving. The township will repave the roads Aqua digs up later in the year.

The road program bids came in favorable (likely due to the township getting them in so fast). For $672k, all the roads on the list, including the alternates will be paved. This road list does not include additional roads that will be repaved due to Aqua work and the CBDG grant for Garden City Manor.

A pole was damaged at the intersection of Chester and Providence. The township isn’t sure how it happened, but will submit an insurance claim. The cost of repair is $43,358, which was approved as the damage pole could be a danger to motorists.

Manager Report

The county’s next household hazardous waste event is April 22nd.

The Community Arts Center is celebrating 75 years of art. They are having an event to celebrate on April 22nd.

Food assistance help is available for seniors from PA Department of Aging and COSA.

Now that the township is a bird town, an event is scheduled on April 15th at the township building. A speaker from the Audubon Society will discuss how to make your back yard bird friendly. (editor note, the link above also has an event in March in Swarthmore)

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