Nether Providence March 2023 Workshop Meeting

Nether Providence Township held its regular workshop meeting on March 9th. The video is available on Youtube and the agenda on the township website. The audio was much improved for this meeting.


One strange part of the meeting was Micah Knapp returning as 3rd Ward Commissioner despite seeming to have resigned by letter at the previous meeting. It wasn’t clarified when his official resignation date would be, which would start the 30 day window to replace him. Commissioner Knapp said this was his last meeting though. I’ll see what I can find out and update this post.

update – Commissioner Knapp’s ending on March 23, so the board will have 30 days after that to appoint his replacement.

One person was appointed to the Planning Commission and another to the Environmental Advisory Committee. There’s still a vacancy on the Zoning Hearing Board.

Government Relations

The township is holding their public meeting to discuss the comprehensive plan next Tuesday, March 14th at 7 pm at WES to collect feedback from residents. This is your chance to contribute to the plans for township development over the next decade or two. There is also a survey available. If you’d like a paper copy, you can call the township and they can mail you one or you can stop by to pick one up.

The township is asking the state to merge its three DCED grants for Providence Rd. sidewalks into one big grant to minimize paperwork.

Parks and Open Space

NPAA baseball is still working on a proposal for improvements to the baseball fields at the township parks. They’re examining which grant opportunities would be best to apply for.

Public Safety

The board discussed installing speed humps on the 500 and 600 block of Vernon Rd. The survey of residents indicated mostly support for doing so. The board mentioned that installing speed humps using township employees costs about $1500 while contracting it out is about $5000. There was some discussion of other speed hump projects in the township with mention of Putnam, which already has them so I’m not clear what they meant. The board approved adding the speed humps to Vernon, to be installed when public works has time.

Community Health and Environment

CRC Watersheds is doing their stream cleanup at multiple sites in the township on March 25th. Sign-ups and more details are available online.

The township electronics recycling and shredding is taking place on March 11th from 9 am – 1 pm at Gouley Park. They will also be collecting donations for Goodwill.

Summer camp registration is opening soon. The township has posted a flyer on their website with details. The camp runs from June 26th – July 27th at NPE from 8:30 am – noon, Monday – Thursday for children entering kindergarten through 6th grade. The cost is $295. The flyer says registration begins April 3rd, but I thought at the meeting they said a date in March, I’ll check (update -forms are available at the end of March, registration starts April 3rd). Registrations can be dropped off or mailed to the township building.

Congresswoman Mary Gay Scanlon’s office announced the Community Funding Project Grant program. The deadline to apply is March 20th, which meant this was the only meeting the commissioners had to discuss this program. After much discussion, the board decided to pass a resolution to apply for a grant for a sidewalk along W Rose Valley Rd. to connect Providence Rd. to Brookhaven. Issues of pedestrian safety along this stretch have been discussed at previous meetings.

Infrastructure and Public Works

The Forrest Rd. bids were too high for the low volume road program grant. The commissioners voted to reject the bid, have public works do the needed work and then include the necessary repaving in this year’s paving program instead.

Aqua is contributing money for repaving along Bent and Twickenham after work to Aqua lines there. The offer is $16k less than the full amount needed to repave the entire stretch. Since part of the road lies in Upper Providence, the township is in discussions with Upper Providence to split the cost. The board approved conditionally approved accepting the Aqua funds, assuming Upper Providence agrees to split the repaving cost.

The board approved a change order to the repaving contract to add Forrest, Bent and Twickenham as discussed above.

The board approved opening bids for CDBG funded work to repave Atlanta, Austin, Boston, Denver and Raleigh Courts in Garden City Manor.

Building and Zoning

The Zoning Hearing Board has several items on its March 20th agenda including development of the lot on 100 Chestnut here in Garden City.

The Planning Commission sent in recommendations for requirements for ground-mounted solar arrays setting limits on placement location, height, ground cover, structural integrity, utility feed and maintenance. The proposed rules have been sent to the county planning commission for review.

The Planning Commission approved rezoning 424 Wallingford and 702 Forrest from commercial to residential (which would match their current use). This is also going to the county for review.

The Planning Commission also recommended extending the variance length from 7 to 16 months. Those receiving a variance from the Zoning Hearing Board would have more time to begin work, and wouldn’t have to seek re-approval if the project isn’t started promptly. This was also sent to the county for review.

Manager Report

The township has information on its website about food assistance for seniors.

The Garden City Fire Company is holding their designer bag bingo event on Saturday, April 18th at St. John’s on Providence.

PennDOT is conducting a transportation survey to guide the next 12 years of transportation infrastructure, takes about 5 minutes to fill out.

Delaware County has information available about voting in the May 16th primary. The deadline to register to vote is May 1st.

The CAT Club is starting up its trash cleanups again starting at Bullens and Providence this Saturday at 9 am.

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