Delaware County Sustainability Plan

A reader sent me the accompanying flyer for meetings to discuss Delaware County’s first sustainability plan. There are four meetings planned with the one at the Media Community Center on April 6th from 6-8 pm and a virtual meeting on Monday, April 10th from 6-8 pm. The link to register for the virtual meeting is here.

I can’t find a draft of the actual sustainability plan to review (update – I’m told the draft plan will not be available to the public prior to the meetings). The township EAC meeting is tomorrow, I’ll ask around and if I find it I’ll update this article with a link to it. The county has a website that details the progress thus far. There’s also a hub with a few links for more information about the county’s sustainability efforts.

Nether Providence has a few links to the sustainability commission. Local resident Julie Prey is on the commission as is former resident David Director (now in Media). The commission goes back to early 2022 and it has news and minutes on its website for those interested. Last year they held a sustainability conference with a variety of information (still available on their website). The sustainability office also presented their second annual report recently, which has more information about the sorts of activities they’ve been up to. Most of the work seems to have been gathering information, but there’s some actions such as buying electric vehicles,

In 2021, the County received an Alternative Fuels Incentive Grant (AFIG) award from the PADEP used to buy 15 electric vehicles and $35,740 to install six dual charging stations.
29 EV being delivered now.
The EVs will be dedicated to the County’s new health department.
Supported November 2022 Elections with EVs.

as well as some stormwater management activities. Hopefully the upcoming sustainability plan will drive further changes. If you can, try to attend one of the sessions to share your thoughts on it.