Nether Providence Workshop Meeting, April 2023

The board of commissioners held their usual meeting on Thursday. The agenda is available on the website here, and the meeting video is available here.


Rep. Krueger with Commissioner McKenzie and a big check.

Rep. Krueger was on hand to present the township with a $739k check for two grants, one for $250k for sidewalks along Providence Rd. and another for $489k for ADA and other improvements to the township building. There was some discussion about the township’s ongoing efforts to convince PennDOT of the need for a light at Turner and Baltimore Pike where there was yet another accident. There was mention that PennDOT has an online complaint form where residents can raise issues about dangerous intersections. My googling suggests that this is the form they meant. The more residents that submit concerns, the more likely that PennDOT will reconsider a light there.

With Beth Henry as the new Ward 3 commissioner, commissioner Matt Garson moved from Parks to Public Safety and Beth Henry took his spot as the Parks and Open Space person.

The Zoning Hearing Board continues to have a vacancy.

The main addition is the tower like attachment holding the elevator to the right of the main entrance.

Government Relations

The above mentioned grant for improvements to the township building was discussed and Lynn Architects was hired for $42k (or $49k?) to do the design work.

Parks and Open Space

The township has ~$20k leftover money from the grant for improvements to Hepford Park. NPAA will provide further funding and for ~$31k new dugouts will be purchased for the fields at Hepford, pending DCED official approval.

The township’s public works cleared out dead vegetation from Gouley Park and got dirt from a nearby quarry to improve the upper fields, improve drainage and grading. The township has continued talks with NPAA and SRA to install a new turf (presumably artificial turf?) field at Gouley. As part of the plan, fencing and netting would also be installed as well as a path around the field and a spectator area. They’ve identified a vendor for the field, and NPAA and SRA are working on a usage agreement and hoping the township solicitor will eventually draft it. It wasn’t clear how the funding will work out, but public works will likely do much of the work.

Public Safety

The board briefly discussed a Memorandum of Understanding between WSSD and the police which is supposed to be approved every 2 years based on a model from the state, but apparently the WSSD solicitor is still working on revising it so they put it on hold for now.

The library is installing a new fire alarm system at the request of the fire marshal. They asked the township to waive the inspection fees, which the board approved.

The board approved preliminary work for an application for an automated red light enforcement program grant for a light at Turner and Baltimore Pike. Yet another attempt to get a signal at the township’s most dangerous intersection.

The board discussed a request to lower the speed limit on Rose Valley Rd. Unexpectedly, they decided to lump in both E and W Rose Valley roads and request PennDOT lower the speed limit on both roads from 35 to 25 mph from the Swarthmore border to the Rose Valley border. This is the first I’ve heard of E. Rose Valley being considered, so I was surprised they moved ahead on it.


The township’s phone system has been problematic, so they’ve decided to go with a plan recommended by the township’s technology provider, Go2Technologies, which will hopefully be cheaper and more reliable.

There was a brief review of finances. Several funding sources like interest and permit fees are higher than expected, and expenses seem to be in line with expectations.

Community Health and Environment

Registrations for summer camp are open and 135 campers have already signed up. The cost is $295/camper with camp running from June 26 – July 27th, M-Th from 8:15 am to 12:15 pm. There are also still openings for counselors. The registration form is here.

The Shade Tree commission will be planting trees on April 22nd at Leiper House at 10 am.

The township declared April 28th as Arbor Day and noted its proud to be a Tree City.

There is a talk at the township building as part of the township’s bird city efforts on April 15th from 1:30 – 3 pm on making your back yard bird friendly.

Infrastructure and Public Works

The township requested an extension for the DCED grant for Providence Rd. sidewalks as well as a request to acquire right of ways along Providence Rd. to allow said sidewalk. The DCED approved the changes.

The board approved accepting the 2022 multimodal grant for more sidewalks on Providence Rd, but it hasn’t been decided which part will be done. Commissioner McKenzie noted there are additional properties with right of way issues that should be resolved in preparation for continuing the sidewalk.

The transportation alternatives grant is open, and the township had considered applying, but due to issues with the small bridge near Putters Ln. and the high match they decided to pass. The DCED multimodal grant program will be opening again soon so probably apply for that instead.

There is a sinkhole near 817 Park Ridge. The township investigated with cameras and both the storm and sewer lines appear to be in poor conditions. Repairs will cost about ~$12k while fixing all the issues will cost $85k. The board approved seeking proposals for the immediate repair work for now.

Building and Zoning

The ground solar panel array ordinance is at the planning commission for review.

There will be a public hearing on May 23rd for the rezoning of 424 Wallingford.

The Zoning Hearing Board will hear 3 residential and one office case this month. The office case pertains to a request to have a dance studio on Baltimore Pike.

Manager Report

The summer meeting schedule will be one meeting a month – June 15th, July 13th, Aug 10th. I think. They mixed the dates around when they spoke.

The CAT club is doing a cleanup on Saturday starting at Holy Trinity Lutheran Church at 9 am.

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