Township Updates

A few notes from the township.

On the website, the township noted the Leiper House has re-opened for the season. Thomas Leiper served in the Revolutionary Army, helped battle the Whiskey Rebellion and “in an attack on the residence of James Wilson in Philadelphia, when he was one of the seven troopers that charged and routed the mob of rioters.” (side note – James Wilson was nothing like his portrayal in 1776). He later built a mill and an early railroad, for which he is probably best known. Wikipedia has some nice pictures of the house. You can tell Leiper was important, there’s a necessary that seats eight among Wikipedia’s pictures.

The township has taken to posting the Tax Collector’s hours to the website. If you have any questions about your township tax bill (only township, Kris doesn’t collect school taxes), those are the times to stop by. There’s more about township taxes here.

This Saturday is the township’s tree planting, on April 22nd at 10 am at Leiper House. It’s a fun event for all ages, bring a shovel if you can and help plant some trees to replace those that were cut down due to ill health.

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