Catching Up Around NP

Nether Providence’s new newsletter should have shown up for most people. It’s a multi-page booklet supported by ad revenue and has lots of information about what’s going on around the township. Here’s some other odds and ends.

Road resurfacing is likely going to begin this month. The phase 1 streets being done are listed on the township’s website here. In Garden City it looks like Maple and Pine are the main streets being done.

The Nether Providence Police Department and others helped with the annual mock crash event at the schools. It always seems to make the local paper. The NPPD posted about it on their website as well. Back in March two officers were promoted to sergeant, Michael Erickson and Michael Markunas. You can find out more about them on the nice page the NPPD has about all their officers. The department’s page has come along nicely, it has a lot of information now. One item I noticed in the newsletter was the hiring of officer Jordan Culbreath back in December. One of the first issues I raised with the township when I started paying more attention to it was the lack of diversity in the township’s leadership and police force. So I’m sorry I missed that item at the end of last year, it’s good to see. Hopefully officer Culbreath will find success here in the suburbs.

Garden City fire company is continuing its campaign to recruit more volunteers. Yard signs have popped up here and there.

South Media Fire Company is looking for help with a grant. If you know anyone that can help, the job description is posted here.

The 2023 primary is approaching on May 16th. There is no ballot for independents and third parties in Nether Providence, only Democrats and Republicans will be voting for their candidates for the general election in November because Pennsylvania has closed primaries (efforts continue to try to change that). The sample ballots are available here. There are contested primaries for a number of judicial offices on both the Democratic and Republican ballots. The only cross-filed candidates appear to be Dawn Getty Sutphin for the Court of Common Pleas (she’s a Republican, Rachel Ezzell Berry is the Democrat) and Judge Liz Gallard (who’s running unopposed on both sides unless the courts reverse the decision to throw her opponent off the ballot).

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