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Paul Jacobs

2022 December Township Board Meeting

The township held their usual meeting on Dec. 8th. The video is available on Youtube and the agenda is available on the township website. Opening Section The township swore in a police officer, but there was no audio so I’m not sure of the details. A group of […]

WSSD Lockdown

There was a lockdown at Strath Haven High School this morning. The township police have since announced the lockdown has been lifted and a subject is in custody, Nether Providence Twp. Police now have a subject in custody at the Strath Haven high school. The lockdown is now […]

Where to Meet?

As a residential community, Nether Providence has a lot of community groups ranging from the Nether Providence Athletics Association to Wallingford Swarthmore Community Classes to the Boy and Girl Scouts and on and on. All of these community groups need places to meet now that groups are starting […]

Lenape in the News

Local ABC 6 news ran a short segment tonight on the language class I’ve been in. You can read or watch the short segment about Shelley’s attempts to revive the Lenape language here. We were able to meet in the Swarthmore Linguistics department for a rare in-person class. […]

A Year of Solar Power

We’ve had our solar panels operating for more than a year now. So far they’ve required no effort to maintain and after we built up a surplus of power exported over the spring, we haven’t had any electricity bills over the minimum connection charge. It all just works. […]

2022 November Township Combined Meeting

Because of the Thanksgiving holiday, the township board held their second meeting of the month a week early. It was one of the shortest meetings of the board ever. The video is on youtube here and the agenda is on the township’s website. Government Relations Township officials and […]

Health In PA This Fall

Not much posting this week because I’ve been sick – as have many others lately. So I thought I’d take a look at the three similar causes of illness currently going around. Local data’s harder to come by – state data is more readily available so I’m using […]

2022 November Township Workshop Meeting

The township held its regularly scheduled workshop meeting this past Thursday. The video is available online as is the agenda. Opening Representatives of Bird Town USA were on hand to recognize the township as a Bird Town for its work in promoting bird habitats and stopping invasive species. […]