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Halloween Safety

Halloween remains one of the biggest events of the year in Garden City. With houses close together, legions of children living here and relative safety, the area is such a popular trick or treating location that it practically becomes a pedestrian-only zone for a few hours. Much of […]

Family Fun And Fetterman

Yesterday was a busy day in Nether Providence. The township held its annual Family Fun Day and Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman visited NPE. Family Fun Day went off as always thanks to many volunteers from the community and township staff and, as always, legions of children bounced in […]

Events Coming Up

Both the SHHS food truck event at Creekside and the library’s Well Red event last week were the same night, and both were very well attended. Early signup for the DelCo Turkey Trot at NPE is underway. There are multiple ways to participate this year – the 1 […]

Lenape Visit Haverford

Yesterday the 2022 Lenape Rising Nation River Journey down the Lenapei Sipu stopped at Haverford (there’s one final event at Cape May in a few days though). The visit started with smudging, then drumming, and included stories and introductions to the groups signing the treaty of friendship with […]

Blood Drive on Friday

Rep. Krueger is hosting a blood drive at the South Media Fire Company on August 19th. You can find the sign-up on the Red Cross’s usual page by searching area code 19063 and looking at August 19th. You can also RSVP by contacting Rep. Krueger’s office at 610-534-6880 […]

Reducing Gun Violence Lecture Series

Federal and state legislators have spent the last several decades rolling back reasonable gun rules despite widespread opposition to these changes, with the supreme court the latest to strike down common sense measures that have previously protected communities. As a result, gun violence has risen steadily with regular […]

Lenape River Journey

Every four years, one of the local Lenape groups travel down the Delaware River from Hancock, NY to Cape May, NJ to raise awareness about the native peoples of this area. Along the way they hold a variety of events for the public. Parts of the river are […]