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Some Of This Weekend’s Events

Its now October so starting off tonight, South Media Fire Company is having their usual Food Truck Friday. This month they have Plum Pit, Farmstead and Owls Water Ice and Treats. The volunteer fire companies have also sent out their joint fundraising letter this year, so please help […]

Meet This Year’s Local Candidates

Friends of mine are hosting another opportunity tomorrow (Friday) on Brookhaven Rd. to meet some of the candidates running in this year’s election. Although its in the 6th ward adjacent to Garden City, there will be candidates running across the township and I hear even some from the […]

Harvest Season is Coming

Its time for the harvest, or at least it would be if the deer hadn’t already eaten both of our ears of corn this year. But, the harvest festivals are starting to come back this year, regardless of deer activity. The township is holding its Family Fun Day […]

Dueling Food Trucks

Apparently two food truck events are scheduled for the same time on September 10th. SMFC moved their usual first Friday food truck event to the second Friday, which happens to be when SHHS has planned their food truck night at Creekside. So on September 10th, there will be […]

Vigil to Protect Voting Rights

From Moving the Needle, the League of Women Voters of Delaware County and other organizations are hosting a vigil to protect voting rights tomorrow (Friday, Aug 6th) at 6 pm on the Media Courthouse steps. Rep. Scanlon and other leaders will be speaking. Invisible has a page about […]

Creekside Hosts Meet of Champions

According to the DelCo Times, Lansdowne dominated the DelCo Swim League Meet of Champions at Creekside this past weekend, wrapping up the 2021 swim season. Garden City resident Noah Plunkett was the lone winner from Creekside, winning the 14 and under backstroke. In the Suburban Swim League’s Meet […]

Community Events Coming Up In July/August

There’s a handful of events coming up in Nether Providence in the next week or two. The library auction is happening now. Many of the library’s fundraisers haven’t been possible due to Covid, so this is an important one to support Furness Library. The auction is happening on […]

A Late Juneteenth Update and a Quick Call for Action

On Juneteenth a number of us helped local residents clean up Martha Burton Community Park ahead of its dedication next month. County councilwoman Christine Reuther and county controller Joanne Phillips were there as were several local candidates. Township parks commission member Nannette Whitsett took the lead in directing […]

Martha Burton Park Cleanup

Ahead of the park dedication next month, a cleanup is scheduled for Martha Burton Park next weekend, details in the flier below. Martha Burton Park was formerly Woodrow Wilson Park. But in light of Woodrow Wilson’s well-known racism, the township decided last year to rename the park. Local […]