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DelCo Incinerator Contract Up For Renewal

Covanta operates the dubiously named Delaware Valley Resource Recovery Facility in Chester, PA. This facility is one of the largest polluters in the region. In 2017 Covanta signed a 5 year contract with the Delaware County Solid Waste Authority. That contract could be renewed by the county’s Solid […]

Vaccinations in DelCo

Delaware County seems to be maintaining a list of places offering vaccinations here. Only group 1A is being vaccinated now, but this gives you multiple places to try. h/t to state rep Jenn O’Mara for tweeting this. The number of vaccines is pretty low. According to an email […]

Delaware County pays ransom

The report posted today by the county is a reminder that many are intent on attacking our government. On Sept. 10th the county government was subject to a phishing attack. Between Sept. 10th and Nov. 21st the attacker secured additional information and eventually launched a full-scale ransomware attack […]

How to get rid of everything

With the holidays, we usually end up with more material goods. But logically, that means something has to make way for the new. So how do you get rid of the old? One caveat, some of these programs have been curtailed by the pandemic. But they’ll all likely […]

Taxes after the re-assessment

Last year, the county performed a court-ordered re-assessment of all property values. This year, all taxing entities have to reset the millage rates so that the revenue they bring in remains unchanged (but they can still increase taxes after that). The county and township have posted their preliminary […]

Sunlight in December

One of the platforms the Democratic county council members ran on last year was transparency. This year’s proposed budget document is a testament to that commitment. Its available here, and there’s a presentation on it later this morning. Not only does it have lots of useful information, but […]