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Lock Your Car

Theft from unlocked cars remains the most common crime in the area. Over the weekend, it looks like someone came through Garden City. Commissioner Garson sent this email out today, Over the holiday weekend there were two stolen cars in the Township and a few unlocked vehicles that […]

Nether Providence Legislative Meeting, May 2023

The board of commissioners held their regular meeting on May 25th. The agenda is available online here and the meeting video is available here. Opening Chief Splain issued a retirement badge to Sergeant David Bennett who retired on March 3rd after 30 years with NPPD. Officer Smith was […]


One topic that’s come up a few times this spring is meadows. Like many municipalities, meadows are not allowed under the current Nether Providence code (although there’s some vaguery about what’s cultivated flowers and gardens). Nether Providence adopted the 1996 BOCA property maintenance code, which states, PM-303.4 Weeds: […]

Senior Student Games Warning

From the NPPD today, It has come to our attention that a dangerous senior student game is being played in and around the township. “Senior Assassin” is a game where seniors go to other seniors’ homes and squirt unsuspecting students with water guns. This morning, in Ridley Township, […]

Nether Providence Workshop Meeting, May 2023

The Nether Providence Township held its usual Board of Commissioners meeting on May 11th. The video is available online. Unusually no agenda was posted, I’m not sure what happened. I’ve tried to piece together the order as best I could. Opening Bob Linn (the township’s de facto architect) […]

Catching Up Around NP

Nether Providence’s new newsletter should have shown up for most people. It’s a multi-page booklet supported by ad revenue and has lots of information about what’s going on around the township. Here’s some other odds and ends. Road resurfacing is likely going to begin this month. The phase […]

Nether Providence Legislative Meeting, April 2023

The township held its regular meeting yesterday. The video is available online here, and the agenda is on the township website here. Opening There was a lengthy public comment about the towing service the township police recommend and the contract the township has with this service. According to […]

Township Updates

A few notes from the township. On the website, the township noted the Leiper House has re-opened for the season. Thomas Leiper served in the Revolutionary Army, helped battle the Whiskey Rebellion and “in an attack on the residence of James Wilson in Philadelphia, when he was one […]

Nether Providence Legislative Meeting, March 2023

The board of commissioners held their regularly scheduled meeting last night. The video is available on Youtube here, and the agenda is available on the township website here. Opening Two new sergeants were sworn in by Judge Liz Gallard. Michael Erickson and Michael Markunas were both promoted to […]