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2022 December Township Board Meeting

The township held their usual meeting on Dec. 8th. The video is available on Youtube and the agenda is available on the township website. Opening Section The township swore in a police officer, but there was no audio so I’m not sure of the details. A group of […]

2022 November Township Combined Meeting

Because of the Thanksgiving holiday, the township board held their second meeting of the month a week early. It was one of the shortest meetings of the board ever. The video is on youtube here and the agenda is on the township’s website. Government Relations Township officials and […]

2022 November Township Workshop Meeting

The township held its regularly scheduled workshop meeting this past Thursday. The video is available online as is the agenda. Opening Representatives of Bird Town USA were on hand to recognize the township as a Bird Town for its work in promoting bird habitats and stopping invasive species. […]

2022 October Township Legislative Meeting

The township board of commissioners held their usual meeting on October 27th. The video is available online and the agenda is on the township website. Opening Rep. Krueger was present to recognize two Eagle scouts for their work in the township. She was also on hand to present […]

Hit And Run and Swarthmore Trees

Two short stories today. Yesterday a truck hit WSSD bus 1. Many parents got calls that their children were absent from school (which caused panic) before the SHMS principal sent out an email explaining what happened. The Nether Providence Police are looking for assistance. Hit and Run. At […]

Township Workshop Meeting, October 2022

The October Workshop Meeting of the Nether Providence Board of Commissioners took place as scheduled on October 13th. The video is available online (and the sound quality is the best yet!) and the agenda is available on the township’s website. Opening The township is accepting applications for the […]

New Playgrounds

The new Hepford Park playground is seeing regular use – you can already see the grooves carved into the ground already. Meanwhile installation of a playground is underway at Gouley Park, township employees were at work on it yesterday. There are still more playgrounds to come though. The […]