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Hepford Park Vandalized Twice

I heard from one of the commissioners that someone had spray-painted the play structure, lights and snack bar at Hepford Park last night. There was similar graffiti earlier in the year that had to be painted over previously. The township maintenance people had to switch from their other […]

Solicitor Permit Revoked

The Nether Providence Police Department has announced that after numerous complaints, they have revoked the permit of Power Home Remodeling solicitors, Based on receiving numerous formal complaints regarding the aggressive sales tactics of Power Home Remodeling solicitors, and numerous related posts on social media that have been monitored […]

Nether Providence Police Accredited

The Nether Providence Police department announced yesterday on Facebook (dated over a week ago), that they have been accredited by the Pennsylvania Law Enforcement Accreditation Commission (PLEAC). What does this mean? PLEAC is an program run by the Pennsylvania Chiefs of Police Association. According to their website, the […]

Electronics Recycling/Shredding Today

This is a reminder that the township’s electronics recycling and shredding event is today (Saturday, July 17) 9 am – 1 pm at Gouley Park (formerly Summit School). More details can be found on the township’s website. A reminder that some items have a fee, the website has […]

Paving in Garden City Starts Next Week

Sections of Ash, Blakeley, Ryanard and Ridley are up for paving this year. Work starts next week, signs have already been posted where not to park. It looks like the work should run from the 13th through the 16th in Garden City. The township’s put up a handy […]

Why Does WSSD Still Levy a Poll Tax?

Over the weekend we received the $15/year per capita tax that has been levied by WSSD since its founding 50 years ago. Although WSSD calls it a per capita tax, Wikipedia describes it differently, A poll tax, also known as head tax or capitation, is a tax levied as a fixed sum on every […]

Martha Burton Park Cleanup

Ahead of the park dedication next month, a cleanup is scheduled for Martha Burton Park next weekend, details in the flier below. Martha Burton Park was formerly Woodrow Wilson Park. But in light of Woodrow Wilson’s well-known racism, the township decided last year to rename the park. Local […]