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Why We Need Constables

The most common question (after what is a Constable) is why run for Constable. This recent special report from Reuters highlights the reason we need to elect active Constables. In the state of Pennsylvania, Constables are responsible for the safe operation of polling places on Election Days. In […]

PBS Interview with Ms. Lori

Last month, Furness Library posted a nice video that PBS made with Children and Youth Librarian Ms. Lori. It gives a good run down on what’s going on at the library, and some background about the library. Its only a few minutes, so take a look!

Statewide School Masking Order Expected

Gov. Wolf is expected to announce in about an hour a new order requiring universal masking in all K-12 schools and day care. Gov. Wolf should have done this weeks ago instead of waiting for Republicans in the state legislature to act. Instead, our school board has invested […]

Opioid Emergency Ended

Back before the primary I was warning people that the ballot initiatives, all of which ultimately passed, would allow the legislature to end the two states of emergency active in Pennsylvania – Covid-19 and Opioids. Immediately after the election the legislature ended the first emergency (although the legislature […]

Inquirer Article on Chester Incinerator

The Inquirer has a nice piece today on the Chester Incinerator that focuses on the work of Zulene Mayfield. I’ve heard her speak at a number of public meetings over the past year, and she is a passionate advocate for the residents of Chester. She founded Chester Residents […]

Census Results in PA and Redistricting

The census data is slowly being processed and more of it is becoming accessible. Pennsylvania is set to lose 1 congressional seat because it grew slower than the country as a whole. In 2010 each district had approximately 700,000 residents, after the 2020 census each seat will have […]