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WSSD Strategic Plan Community Meetings

The deadline to RSVP for the WSSD Strategic Plan Community Meetings next week is today. The form to sign up is available here. WSSD Strategic Plan Community MeetingsThe Wallingford-Swarthmore School District, in partnership with Bloom Planning, has launched its Strategic Planning process. As part of this process, we […]

WSSD closed Friday, Dec. 23

The schools have sent out a message the schools are closed due to the expected storm conditions tomorrow. A similar message has been posted to the website. Earlier in the week in anticipation of problems, PECO also sent out an email, There’s currently not any snow accumulation predicted, […]

The Problems Of WSSD Policy 206

Last night the WSSD school board brought forward policy 206: attendance areas and assignment in district for final approval. The new policy 206 would allow the administration to decide to send elementary school children to whichever school they want. The path this policy has taken highlights a number […]

Local Earned Income Tax

In the most recent township meeting notes, there was discussion of a report from Keystone Collections about the potential impact of a Local Earned Income Tax. I thought I’d delve into the complexity of the Local Earned Income Tax. I’m not a tax lawyer, so I’m probably missing […]

2022 December Township Board Meeting

The township held their usual meeting on Dec. 8th. The video is available on Youtube and the agenda is available on the township website. Opening Section The township swore in a police officer, but there was no audio so I’m not sure of the details. A group of […]

WSSD Lockdown

There was a lockdown at Strath Haven High School this morning. The township police have since announced the lockdown has been lifted and a subject is in custody, Nether Providence Twp. Police now have a subject in custody at the Strath Haven high school. The lockdown is now […]

2022 November Township Combined Meeting

Because of the Thanksgiving holiday, the township board held their second meeting of the month a week early. It was one of the shortest meetings of the board ever. The video is on youtube here and the agenda is on the township’s website. Government Relations Township officials and […]

2022 November Township Workshop Meeting

The township held its regularly scheduled workshop meeting this past Thursday. The video is available online as is the agenda. Opening Representatives of Bird Town USA were on hand to recognize the township as a Bird Town for its work in promoting bird habitats and stopping invasive species. […]

Campaign Sign Collection

The election season has now passed (thankfully uneventfully here in Nether Providence) and there remain campaign signs to dispose of. This year, our local governments have a plan rather than leaving it to the parties to figure out. I’ve heard of two ways to recycle them. The first […]