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Catching Up Around NP

Nether Providence’s new newsletter should have shown up for most people. It’s a multi-page booklet supported by ad revenue and has lots of information about what’s going on around the township. Here’s some other odds and ends. Road resurfacing is likely going to begin this month. The phase […]

Nether Providence Legislative Meeting, April 2023

The township held its regular meeting yesterday. The video is available online here, and the agenda is on the township website here. Opening There was a lengthy public comment about the towing service the township police recommend and the contract the township has with this service. According to […]

Township Updates

A few notes from the township. On the website, the township noted the Leiper House has re-opened for the season. Thomas Leiper served in the Revolutionary Army, helped battle the Whiskey Rebellion and “in an attack on the residence of James Wilson in Philadelphia, when he was one […]

First WSSD Committee Meeting Up On Youtube

As promised, WSSD has put up its first April committee meeting on Youtube – the April 12th Educational Affairs Meeting. They’ve done a great job technically. The audio was clearly understandable and having the slides on the screen helps to follow along. The microphone positioning probably could be […]

WSSD Administrative Regulations

A while back I filed an open records request for information about the administrative regulations (AR) that the district often talks about. This went better than last time although it did take a month. Ms. Elias was able to point me to the right place to find what […]

Swarthmore Town Center Zoning Project

A reader pointed out that next week Swarthmore Borough is holding a meeting to discuss its plans to update the downtown zoning. The meeting is April 11th from 7-9 pm at the borough hall. The website here has links to the meeting details and an online survey. I’m […]

WSSD Strategic Planning Teams

Yesterday the school district sent out another message recruiting for its strategic planning teams. The message is included below for those not on the district mailing list. The repeated messaging around this and the extended deadline to apply suggests the response has not been what they hoped for. […]

Government Surveillance, Good and Bad

There were two stories I came across today about government surveillance. The first concerns inspections of the county’s food establishments and the second, a proposed real-time crime surveillance center. Food Surveillance The new county health department is inspecting all restaurants except the seven municipalities that sued to block […]

Nether Providence Legislative Meeting, March 2023

The board of commissioners held their regularly scheduled meeting last night. The video is available on Youtube here, and the agenda is available on the township website here. Opening Two new sergeants were sworn in by Judge Liz Gallard. Michael Erickson and Michael Markunas were both promoted to […]