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Fees and Withholdings

Fees The school district facilities meeting presentation has a list of the proposed fee changes for groups using school facilities. The presentation contains a nice table clearly showing the existing fee structure and the proposed new fees. These fees would affect community groups such as the Wallingford-Swarthmore Community […]

Running For Office In 2023

Yesterday the Delaware County Democrats held their annual nominating convention. About 450 Democrats gathered in Chester to vote on endorsements (which are recommendations from the party for the upcoming primary). These endorsements often come with party support, so they’re usually influential in these local, low turnout elections. Dan […]

A Survey From The County

I caught this on social media yesterday and I haven’t seen it promoted elsewhere, but the county seems to be attempting a survey of community views. The press release (and a link to the survey) are available here. The press release makes it sound like this is a […]

Court Rules on Education Lawsuit

Yesterday the Commonwealth Court issued a 786 page decision in favor of the plaintiffs (including the William Penn School District and the NAACP) who had claimed that the state’s funding for education was inadequate, unequal and unconstitutional. The DelCo Times has coverage here and WHYY here. The court […]

WSSD Policies Feb 2023

I’ve heard the policy committee held a long meeting last week with many in attendance, which was dominated by discussions of policy 206. Policy 206 is the policy that determines which of the elementary schools children are sent to. The summary of the meeting posted by the district […]

Camp Fair, Shrek and more

This weekend the Delaware County Camp and Activities Fair is returning in person at NPE on Saturday from noon to 3 pm. If you haven’t been there before, this is a collection of organizations offering activities in the area – particularly summer activities – for children. It’s a […]

Housing? What housing?

Nether Providence is currently at the beginning of its strategic (or is it comprehensive?) plan. The purpose of this plan is to lay out the path for the township over the next 10-20 years. The plan is intended to address a wide range of topics including parks & […]

WSSD Petition Follow-up

This week the petition for improved transparency was delivered to the school board with 103 signatures (not 203, it was 103). In response, Board President Wachtman noted that some of the items on the petition are related to suggestions from the recent communications audit and that the district […]