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Lawsuit Targets DelCo Democracy

Yesterday I was told of a lawsuit filed against the county for the 2020 election and today the Bureau of Elections has posted a statement about it. I dug around on Twitter and managed to find a copy of the lawsuit. Its 91 pages long and appears to […]

Email From WSSD About Racial Slur at WES

Superintendent Marseille sent out this email to the school community this afternoon, Dear WSSD Families and Community, As Thanksgiving week begins, this is not the message that I wished to write to you. This morning, I was extremely disheartened and saddened to learn that a racial slur, the […]

Boards, Commissions and You

Local governments rely on groups of citizen volunteers to oversee many of their functions. Larger governments have too much going on for elected officials to oversee everything in their purview, while smaller governments don’t have the staff available to be experts on everything needed. If you want to […]

Results of the 2021 Election

The write-ins have now been posted, so we have a near-complete picture of the results of the 2021 election. Here are the current winners of offices up for election in Nether Providence Township in 2021. I am not including judicial retentions – all judges were retained. Results in […]

Delaware County Sustainability

Delaware County has created a form to collect feedback on the county’s sustainability goals. It takes a while to fill out because its a pretty lengthy form. It provides a good deal of information summarizing the plan, which is worth a read even if you don’t have the […]

WSSD Board Meeting, 8 Nov., 2021

The WSSD School Board held its usual meeting tonight. The video is available on Youtube, and the agenda is available on Board Docs as usual. It was a short meeting with no focus topic. The student representative reported on the many activities going on – the Halloween parades […]

2021 Election Results So Far

Although it appears there are mail-in ballots still out, especially in Wards 1 and 2, it does not appear they will change the results. Voters in Nether Providence largely chose to keep things as they are in the township. County results are posted here, and state results are […]