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WSSD Board Vacancy, Take 2

A reader pointed out the last article about the upcoming school board vacancy cited the notice the district put up last year in 2021 when Marylin Huff left. Last week they took that down and yesterday they put up the new notice to replace Jennifer Lentz in Region […]

Lisa Palmer

Emails have gone out to parts of the community marking the passing of former WSSD superintendent Lisa Palmer. I haven’t seen any public posts about it to this point, but I have seen an email to WSSD staff noting it. Lisa Palmer was appointed as superintendent of the […]

Some History of Nether Providence Schools

The previous post got me wondering how the schools in Nether Providence ended up as they are. I looked back through the newspaper records to find out. In particular, in 1958 the Chester Times did a series where they wrote a full page on each school district of […]

School Registration

As happens every year, registration is open for new students in WSSD. This is only for students newly arrived in the district or 5-6 year olds entering school for the first time, returning students don’t re-register. However, this year I’ve heard that there’s an unexpected problem. As noted […]

Homestead Tax Exemption

It’s school tax season, and I received our four annual tax bills from the school. Earlier I wrote about why WSSD’s poll tax is a bad idea (WSSD calls it a per capita tax). This year its the homestead exemption’s turn. In this year’s budget, WSSD highlighted the […]

NPE Needs Sciency Parents!

One of the last events I went to at NPE (besides graduation) was STEM night. Even at that last event it was clear we were on borrowed time. But I don’t think any of us anticipated it’d be two years before STEM night returned. Before the pandemic we […]

Not So Open Records

In collaboration with the Green Advisor program at Swarthmore College, the Nether Providence EAC has been looking into reducing the amount of waste produced by local schools. Our program has reached out repeatedly to the school district to work with them, but generally received silence in reply. A […]

WSSD Board Meeting Jan 2022

The district held its single board meeting for January this week. As expected because there was one meeting this month instead of two, it was a long meeting. Video is available on Youtube and the agenda on the school district’s website. The school safety plan was not on […]

January Covid Update

Staff shortages are starting to bite as Omicron hits Delaware County. The DelCo Times reports that Springfield Hospital is temporarily closing its ER due to staffing issues. Schools across the country are also showing strain from missing staff. Here in WSSD, the school district has started falling behind […]

WSSD Schools Closed Again, Slowing Covid Hopefully

The district emailed a little earlier this morning. Good Morning, All Wallingford-Swarthmore School District schools and buildings will be closed today,¬†Friday, January 7, 2022. Operational staff will report as directed for inclement weather removal.¬† All school activities, clubs, and athletics are canceled. Stay safe.Dr. Wagner Marseille Snow arrived […]