Category: History

WSSD’s 50th birthday approaching

Yesterday the Delco Times had a brief piece that 50 years ago Swarthmore residents were suing to stop creation of the new Wallingford-Swarthmore School district. The front pages of the Delco Times fifty years ago spoke of the habits of the Onassisies, the ongoing Vietnam War and Hoffa’s […]

Lenape Practice in the Hills

Another part in my occasional series to put more of the Lenape language on the internet. As before, I am only a beginner, links go to the Lenape Talking Dictionary’s native speakers. This time, I’m going to attempt the x sound, which is similar to a German ch. […]

Historic Bronze Beaver Stolen

The Pennsylvania State Police are asking for help finding who stole a historic bronze beaver and plaque from the intersection of Rose Valley Rd. and Traymore Ln, some time on April 4th or 5th. They had been at that location since 1926. Rose Valley Borough is offering a […]

A Trip to Taylor Arboretum

Today I went for a walk through Taylor Arboretum with its manager, Tom Kirk, who shared great information about the arboretum filling in a lot of what is missing in the newspaper records. What is Taylor Arboretum? Widener University has created a website for Taylor Arboretum with photos […]

Lenape Introductions

In one of the old Delco newspapers in the mid-late 20th century, I saw that for a while they ran a regular column with a few Lenape words. The Lenape were the tribes that lived in this region, as well as parts of Delaware, New Jersey and New […]

A Trip to Hepford Park

The next park in the tour of Nether Providence is Hepford Park. What’s at Hepford Park Hepford Park is a small park lying at the center of Garden City Manor surrounded by houses off of New Jersey and Pennsylvania Ave. Its small parking lot is off New Jersey […]

A Trip to Houston Park

I’m hoping to do a series on the parks we have in Nether Providence and I’m starting with Houston Park. Houston Park is a 45 acre park that lies between Harvey Rd. and Providence Rd. At the top of the hill are sports field and the rest of […]