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NPE is not a Great Place to be a Tree

Hopefully the piece last week convinced you that trees provide numerous benefits to the people that use the space around them. This past weekend I took a look at the township’s largest land-owner, the school district. The schools have planted a fair number of trees, but they tend […]

In Defense of Trees

I’ve had a few conversations recently with Garden City residents complaining about the costs of tree maintenance and their intention to remove trees on their property. On my way around the neighborhood it seems like there’s always a large tree being taken down. But the arguments being made […]

The Covid Vaccine Success in PA

On NPR’s Covid tracker, I saw that Pennsylvania hit 1 case/100k/day. Its on the threshold of going into the green, low risk category, something it hasn’t done since, well, I’m not sure it ever did. On the line chart, Covid rates are the lowest since the initial outbreak […]

Solar Panels, Part 1

This year we decided to get solar panels on our house for a variety of reasons, the main one being that our roof is nearing the end of its lifetime. I thought I’d write up my research so that it might help others. The best approach to decarbonizing […]

Large Fuel Spill in Brookhaven

Front page on yesterday’s DelCo Times was a story about a fuel spill in Brookhaven at the Gas N Go there. The spill has killed wildlife and looks to have closed nearby Coeburn Elementary for the remainder of the school year. The Inquirer has a further story today […]

The Whole Story of the Swarthmorean’s Resignations

With former Swarthmorean editor Rachel Pastan’s Medium post, we now have the stories from all three of the parties involved in the recent controversy at the Swarthmorean. Rachel’s post, “Inside the Tornado” can be found here. Satya Nelms posted her remarks last month, “Why I Resigned from the […]

DVRPC and Energy Usage

Diving into local governments, one group you quickly come across is DVRPC, the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission. My understanding is that there’s a similar commission in each region of Pennsylvania. DVRPC seems to be responsible for all manners of guidance, resources and data collection for infrastructure in […]

1-4-3 Day

Today I saw a news story that Gov. Wolf has declared this weekend 1-4-3 Day, a tradition he started in 2019 in memory of Fred Rogers. And this seems in particular need at the moment. Over the last week I’ve heard from a few different people in Garden […]

Swarthmorean Editors Resign

On Twitter today, I saw this statement from Sen. Tim Kearney (from May 14) saying that Satya Nelms and Rachel Pastan had resigned as the Swarthmorean’s editors. That’s why I was heartbroken to see Satya Nelms and Rachel Pastan resign as the paper’s editors. Satya, the first Black […]

DelCo is Below Average (in a good way)

Covid case numbers for the last reported week have fallen a lot in Delaware County, the third largest drop in the state behind Philly and Allegheny. This puts Delaware County below the state average for cases per 100k residents (132.7 per week) and PCR test positivity (6.6%). These […]