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Leaves and Turkey Day

We are well into leaf season in Nether Providence with all shades of colors. The township leaf trucks are out vacuuming up leaves for mulching. Last year I wrote a piece on why do this when its clearly more beneficial for your yard to keep the nutrients in […]

Education on the Other Side of Ridley Creek

Chester Matters, the blog that inspired this one, linked to a video about mindfulness in Chester-Upland schools – specifically the nearby Toby Farms Intermediate School – and the challenges the district faces. It’s worth noting that Toby Farms is about the same distance from Garden City as SHMS. […]

October Covid Update

The leaves are starting to turn as fall festivals start up so its time to look at Covid before the expected flu season gets going. The state continues to track Covid numbers. Case numbers are falling roughly in proportion to testing numbers, but deaths seem to have stabilized […]

Mosquito Control, Part 2

This past summer I wrote a piece about alternatives to spraying for controlling mosquitos. I wrote about a number of alternatives that I was going to try out. I removed standing water. I went through and found a few places collecting water and eliminated them. The rain barrel […]

Business Directory

One of the side projects I’ve wanted to work on for this blog is a business directory listing. When you look at the lists of who sponsors local events like last week’s Well Red, the SHHS fundraiser at Creekside or Thanksgiving’s Turkey Run, many of those listed are […]

Bicycles and Safety

This recent article and several incidents in the past week have made me reflect on bicycle safety. Safety is the number one reason I hear why people do not bike in our region. Swarthmore can put all the share the road sharrows on Chester Rd. it wants, it […]


At the last board of commissioners meeting, there was a lengthy discussion of the water runoff problems during major storms in parts of the township. A combination of issues leads to excessive water runoff in places – the amount of impervious surfaces such as driveways that don’t capture […]

It’s A Dirty Business

Among its many other services, Penn State Extension service offers soil testing. The extension service will tell you which crops will grow well in your soil and what you’d need to add for specific crops. They will also test for a number of toxic metals and other details. […]

Crozer Health System Deal Fails

Yesterday, word came out that the expected purchase of Crozer Health System to ChristianaCare had fallen through. WHYY has more on the story here. The news is not good. After years of turmoil, Christiana was hoped to provide stability to the floundering health care system in DelCo. Chester […]

Covid (BA.5 edition)

Covid has slipped out of the news, but the BA.5 variant is spreading rapidly in America now. Ars Technica had a recent piece reviewing the situation. At this point, Covid numbers themselves don’t mean much as people are often not reporting mild cases. Deaths and hospitalizations are still […]