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Today’s Recycling and Covid

Biking around Garden City, I saw all the recycling bins are still full. Commissioner Garson of the second ward sent out this email earlier today, B&L Disposal, the Township’s recycling company, is experiencing delays in recycling collection due to staffing shortages related to COVID-19. Kindly keep your recycling […]

Covid In Perspective

There are many in our community that have bought into the misinformation surrounding Covid. That’s a given – its who America is now. But, more recently we are seeing a trend among some people in our community, I’ll call them the liberal elite – wealthy, well educated liberals […]

Looking Back at 2021

2021 is drawing to a close, so before looking ahead its time to review what happened over the past year around Garden City. Next week I hope to look ahead at 2022. Covid The big story, as everywhere, was Covid. At the start of 2021, students were either […]

Solar Panels, part 3

Today is the solstice, the shortest day of the year when the sun is lowest in the sky. Therefore, our solar system has its worst possible performance, so its time to evaluate the system again. Yesterday we also got our first regular PECO bill accounting for solar generation. […]

Alternatives to Plastic Bags

The ban on plastic bag bans in the state of Pennsylvania has expired this month, resulting in a resurgence of interest in banning single use plastic bags in the region in favor of paper or re-usable bags. New Jersey has already enacted a ban on bags and made […]

Garden City Weather Station

I have added a new link to the front page to the weather station data we’ve installed. You can find all the data here. I’ve tried to embed the widget, but alas, that requires a more expensive plan for this blog. You can see from the current data, […]

Covid Update

With the WSSD board planning to reconsider its Covid mitigation strategies, its time to look at the state of Covid here. First, a look at some numbers from the state. The Covid rates in the county remain largely unchanged from the start of the school period, with about […]

One Year On

Its been one year since this project started. What has it achieved? Its not clear. I regularly run into people familiar with it and have recently been introduced as the blog guy. So its achieved some level of readership. The Lenape language community posted my last article to […]

Lawsuit Targets DelCo Democracy

Yesterday I was told of a lawsuit filed against the county for the 2020 election and today the Bureau of Elections has posted a statement about it. I dug around on Twitter and managed to find a copy of the lawsuit. Its 91 pages long and appears to […]

Why Do We Rake Leaves?

At the last township meeting, the commissioners noted the high cost of the township’s leaf collection program. Collecting leaves across the township takes a large amount of the township’s public works time in the fall. The truck and equipment requires regular maintenance and replacement. The leaves collected by […]