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Trees vs. Poles

As I noted in the last township board notes, PECO is looking to install new poles in the Moylan part of Nether Providence. Exactly which part is hard to tell, because when asked PECO provides shifting project details and rationales, giving little confidence in anything they’re telling residents. […]

Solar Panels, part 4

We have collected half a year of data on our solar system from the winter solstice to the summer one. The peak energy collection from our solar system near the solstice was 48.8 kWh in one day. The spring is probably the best period for the solar panels […]

Mosquito Control

I’ve heard some questions about mosquito spraying in our community and you can regularly see the signs in lawns. The system of best practices in mosquito control is called integrated pest management (IPM). Although originally designed for agriculture, this process can also applied to residential areas as well. […]

Reducing Waste

Recently the Solid Waste Authority renewed its contract with Covanta to continue burning waste for three more years. Trash fees have also escalated significantly in the last several years, from $33/ton in 2018 to $78/ton this year and may not stop there as the SWA’s new leadership seeks […]

Chronicle On Indefinite Hiatus

I had planned to do one last post before pausing (the township meeting is here), but I couldn’t find the energy for it today. I originally intended to take a temporary break from the blog around constable training, but the first part of 2022 has broken my spirit. […]

Comparing Our Pools

Its freezing and there’s snow on the ground, so its the ideal time to look at pools for the summer. While I’ve lived here I’ve met people in the township that go to all of the nearby pools. All of the pools have swim teams, although they participate […]

Brief News Updates

Too much of my time this week was spent wrestling with WSSD over an open records request. More on that when I have the time. Here’s some quick updates on the news. The state reapportionment committee has finalized the maps for the state house and senate districts by […]

DelCo’s Blue Army

The Citizen Corp program was established by the second President Bush as a means to recruit volunteers to serve in case of emergency and to prepare the citizen population for emergencies. Delaware County has implemented one of the more robust Citizen Corp programs in the country since then. […]