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Upcoming Ways to Help Locally

WSSD is collecting supermarket gift cards this week. From the district’s Twitter, Welcome, Spring 2021! Strath Haven High School is collecting supermarket gift cards this week for WSSD families before the start of #springbreak. Please drop off at the third floor office at the high school. Thank you […]

Of Incinerators and Roads

Since this blog is essentially the only media coverage of Nether Providence Township meetings, there are two topics from last week’s meeting that warrant further discussion. Covanta’s Chester Incinerator The first is the Covanta incinerator in Chester. Built in 1992, the incinerator in Chester is one of the […]

Re-building Community

Yesterday we got lucky and the rain stopped early and the sun even came out for the gathering on our lawn. Bird feeders were made, plants were planted, petitions signed, but most importantly for the first time since the summer for many of us, neighbors got together and […]

County Dems Make Endorsements

Yesterday over 600 members of the county’s Democratic committee voted and endorsed: Judge Maria McLaughin for PA Supreme Court Judge Timika Lane for PA Superior Court Amanda Green-Hawkins and Judge Lori Dumas for PA Commonwealth Court Tinu Moss and Judge Deb Krull for DelCo Court of Common Pleas […]

A Trip to Houston Park

I’m hoping to do a series on the parks we have in Nether Providence and I’m starting with Houston Park. Houston Park is a 45 acre park that lies between Harvey Rd. and Providence Rd. At the top of the hill are sports field and the rest of […]

Covid Vaccine Interest form

The Chester County health department (which is managing Delaware County’s Covid response due to a lack of our own health department), has a page for vaccination information here. Later today the page says the vaccination interest form will be returning there. The state has recently made a decision […]

Coming up in 2021 local politics

2021 is an odd year, so the elections are mostly local ones. The judicial races this year are: Several state-wide judges. These are judges that primarily hear appeals. I’ve heard from candidates planning to run for the state Supreme Court, the Commonwealth Court, and the Superior Court this […]

Looking back at 2020

Its safe to say, I spent more time in Garden City this year than any other year. I imagine most of us did. Here’s a look back at 2020 through the township agendas. At the dawn of 2020 the school board had already re-organized itself after the last […]

Choosing Cleaner Energy

Wouldn’t it be nice to have renewable energy without the upfront cost and effort of putting up solar panels – if its even an option for your house? Its possible. Everybody in Garden City has been harassed by the calls to change your energy. Every year we have […]

Wrestling with Covid

Three hours, forty three minutes and thirteen seconds. That’s the duration the unpaid moms and dads on our district’s school board spent at last week’s meeting. They all have regular jobs, which are stressful and are parents, which is stressful. They are facing all the challenges of Covid. […]