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Solar Panels, part 2

Yesterday we flipped the switch on our solar panels. PECO had completed the last task and left us a note that we were authorized to operate. So its time to write up the process of having solar panels installed. We originally signed a contract for the solar panels […]

Pipelines In Garden City

Today’s big news is that Attorney General Shapiro announced criminal charges against Energy Transfer LP over undisclosed leaks during construction of the Mariner East pipeline. The discharges happened at 22 sites in 11 counties suggesting wide-spread negligence during construction. The company has already paid $16.4 million in fines […]

The Cautionary Tale of East Lancaster

Crossing my Twitter feed today was a brief announcement that the middle and high schools in East Lancaster School district is going remote starting tomorrow. “The Garden Spot campus (MS/HS) will switch to virtual learning for all learners starting Wednesday, September 29 and switch back on Monday, October […]

How To Reduce Junk Mail/Calls/etc

Last Sunday, during remote church in our living room, a contractor (without a permit) knocked on our door and asked if we wanted the hole in our driveway filled in. Not the best timing. Garden City has gotten a bit of a reprieve from the constant stream of […]

A Survey For SEPTA

I saw on Billy Penn that SEPTA is currently conducting a survey about use of its Regional Rail system. Garden City is less accessible to SEPTA’s Regional Rail than the northern parts of the township, but its probably still of interest to many commuters that rely on it […]

Aqua Plans to Raise Rates

In the last few weeks there have been a couple of good articles about Aqua’s plans to raise rates. They’ve asked the state PUC for approval to raise water rates by 17% and wastewater rates by 33%. WHYY covered it here and the DelCo Times story is here. […]

Preparing for a Storm

This morning the weather forecast calls for possible tropical storm conditions tomorrow. So it seems like a good time to review emergency planning. One of the missions of the Citizen Corp is to improve citizen readiness. The Red Cross has a list here. Water, 1 gallon per person. […]

NPE is not a Great Place to be a Tree

Hopefully the piece last week convinced you that trees provide numerous benefits to the people that use the space around them. This past weekend I took a look at the township’s largest land-owner, the school district. The schools have planted a fair number of trees, but they tend […]

In Defense of Trees

I’ve had a few conversations recently with Garden City residents complaining about the costs of tree maintenance and their intention to remove trees on their property. On my way around the neighborhood it seems like there’s always a large tree being taken down. But the arguments being made […]

The Covid Vaccine Success in PA

On NPR’s Covid tracker, I saw that Pennsylvania hit 1 case/100k/day. Its on the threshold of going into the green, low risk category, something it hasn’t done since, well, I’m not sure it ever did. On the line chart, Covid rates are the lowest since the initial outbreak […]