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One Year On

Its been one year since this project started. What has it achieved? Its not clear. I regularly run into people familiar with it and have recently been introduced as the blog guy. So its achieved some level of readership. The Lenape language community posted my last article to […]

Lawsuit Targets DelCo Democracy

Yesterday I was told of a lawsuit filed against the county for the 2020 election and today the Bureau of Elections has posted a statement about it. I dug around on Twitter and managed to find a copy of the lawsuit. Its 91 pages long and appears to […]

Why Do We Rake Leaves?

At the last township meeting, the commissioners noted the high cost of the township’s leaf collection program. Collecting leaves across the township takes a large amount of the township’s public works time in the fall. The truck and equipment requires regular maintenance and replacement. The leaves collected by […]

Data On Homicides In Delaware County

Prof. Lee Smithey and Swarthmore students have created a detailed picture of homicides in Delaware County at Swarthmore College. You can find the project website here, and the data visualizations are available here. WHYY did a nice write-up about the project here. It was clearly a lot of […]

This Week In The Courts

This past week there have been two stories that highlight how America’s failing legal system is affecting us here in Delaware County. The latest outrage making waves on Twitter has seen two people, ages 16 and 18, charged with first degree murder in the shooting of Fanta Billy. […]

Rage Against the Polls

The election results are still trickling in as mail-in ballots continue to be scanned. At this point, the township results are unchanged from before (although the margins of victory are larger), but the Democrats have now swept the county offices as more mail-in votes are counted. I didn’t […]


At the school board meeting this week, a parent complained about two books in the school library. Both books are by LGBT authors of color. Several speakers that followed spoke in response about the many reasons for supporting LGBT youth in our community. And part of that support […]

October Covid Cases

As we get regular emails from the school district about Covid cases, I took a look at the state’s database. Its helpful to look at the trends for the Philadelphia region vs. the state as a whole. The top left is Pennsylvania as a whole while the other […]


Noone I talked to this weekend had a good week last week, so here’s this morning’s rainbow to start off a new week in Garden City in a hopefully better hue.