WSSD School Board Meeting Notes Jan 25

The meeting video is available on Youtube here and the meeting agenda is available in the usual place on the school website.

  • Tickets are (or will soon) be available for SRS and WES bingo nights
  • NPE students in grades 3-5 have opportunities to participate in virtual clubs (3-5, fitness and 4-5, STEM)
  • Parents are needed to participate in the middle school’s virtual career day
  • The new semester and 4-half days a week schedule has started at the high school.
  • The superintendent search is open for applications and many have responded to the surveys and forums. Interviews will start next month.
  • There will be a special board meeting on Feb 1st at 7 pm to discuss plans to re-open full day school at the elementary level. The superintendent said that parents would have another chance to choose in-person or the online academy as well as sign up for transportation options.
  • The calendar was discussed again. They have moved up the start to after Labor Day, which also adds a week at the end of the year. The asynchronous day on Election Day remains. The calendar was tabled for further community input and discussion later.
  • They approved a plan for spring and fall sports as well as allowing student athletes to return to in-person instruction.
  • They approved a memorandum of agreement with the Chester County health department to provide rapid Covid testing at no cost to the district under the ACE-IT program.
  • They passed a resolution asking for teacher vaccinations. So far the district has been allotted no vaccine doses.
  • The board passed a resolution calling for day for Black Lives Matter at school in February.
  • The preliminary budget was presented. There is a lot of uncertainty in revenue and expenses due to Covid. The re-assessment must also be taken into account, and the new reset rate would be 25.6727 mills (and the preliminary increase above that would be 1.116 mills). The preliminary budget also draws substantial funds from the reserve, which have already been depleted over the past year due to Covid.
  • Jerry Ballas reported on the DEI committee, whose discussions led to the resolution for BLM at schools.
  • Larry Kutys reported on the DCIU, which has open houses for tech/vocational ed programs, which I believe is here.

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