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A Trip to Smedley Park

Its been a while since the last entry in this series, but this week I started looking into Smedley Park, the township’s largest park. Smedley Park was established as a small park known as “The Hemlocks” in 1937 from two tracts of land before soon being named Smedley […]

A Subjunctive Story

My class is closing in on two years of Lenape study, and we’re starting to reach the edges of what’s readily available on the Lenape Talking Dictionary. We’ve been working on subjunctives recently and the two linguistics professors in our class are starting to have to research some […]

Lenape in the News

Local ABC 6 news ran a short segment tonight on the language class I’ve been in. You can read or watch the short segment about Shelley’s attempts to revive the Lenape language here. We were able to meet in the Swarthmore Linguistics department for a rare in-person class. […]

A Walk in the Forest

This week, our Lenape teacher is started a new Lenape class with dozens of new students. My fellow students will be are now teaching assistants. The language is slowing regaining ground. This story is a bit ambitious for the level of Lenape my class is at. Negatives are […]

The Chester Traction Company Strike of 1908

By the time Labor Day was established in 1894, Nether Providence’s industry was largely in the past and it was well on its way to becoming a suburb. But, in 1908 the strike against the Chester Traction Company was fought across Delaware County, including gunfights and explosions in […]

Talk of the Town

Historical newspapers often read like social media. Today I looked at the Chester Times Media Town Talk column, around this time of year. Many of the items are like these from Aug 23, 1895, C. Harry Anderson, of Chester, was in town yesterday seeing his friends and talking […]

Lenape Visit Haverford

Yesterday the 2022 Lenape Rising Nation River Journey down the Lenapei Sipu stopped at Haverford (there’s one final event at Cape May in a few days though). The visit started with smudging, then drumming, and included stories and introductions to the groups signing the treaty of friendship with […]

Some History of Nether Providence Schools

The previous post got me wondering how the schools in Nether Providence ended up as they are. I looked back through the newspaper records to find out. In particular, in 1958 the Chester Times did a series where they wrote a full page on each school district of […]

Lenape River Journey

Every four years, one of the local Lenape groups travel down the Delaware River from Hancock, NY to Cape May, NJ to raise awareness about the native peoples of this area. Along the way they hold a variety of events for the public. Parts of the river are […]

Garden City Fourth of July

Pennsylvania was home to the signing of the Declaration of Independence and had the most signatories of the document. As they wrote in 1776, We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, […]