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WSSD Lockdown

There was a lockdown at Strath Haven High School this morning. The township police have since announced the lockdown has been lifted and a subject is in custody, Nether Providence Twp. Police now have a subject in custody at the Strath Haven high school. The lockdown is now […]

Hit And Run and Swarthmore Trees

Two short stories today. Yesterday a truck hit WSSD bus 1. Many parents got calls that their children were absent from school (which caused panic) before the SHMS principal sent out an email explaining what happened. The Nether Providence Police are looking for assistance. Hit and Run. At […]

WSSD Demographics

The WSSD demographic study was presented at the school board meeting last night. You can see the report here. The discussion at the board meeting didn’t add much to it, but its on the board meeting video at the 44th minute. It’s great to have this data and […]

School and Sleep

This weekend Ars Technica had a nice review of a new book released this summer, “The Sleep Deprived Teen” about school start times. I haven’t read the book, but the article provides a nice summary of the book’s familiar main points. For instance, here are some of the […]

Surveillance in WSSD

Yesterday the DelCo Times ran a front page story about WSSD’s new student tracking program, With the new school year, Strath Haven High School has rolled out a high-tech solution to monitor students who head out of the classroom when nature calls, or any other out-of-classroom activity. Lindsey […]

WSSD Board Vacancy, Take 2

A reader pointed out the last article about the upcoming school board vacancy cited the notice the district put up last year in 2021 when Marylin Huff left. Last week they took that down and yesterday they put up the new notice to replace Jennifer Lentz in Region […]

Lisa Palmer

Emails have gone out to parts of the community marking the passing of former WSSD superintendent Lisa Palmer. I haven’t seen any public posts about it to this point, but I have seen an email to WSSD staff noting it. Lisa Palmer was appointed as superintendent of the […]

Some History of Nether Providence Schools

The previous post got me wondering how the schools in Nether Providence ended up as they are. I looked back through the newspaper records to find out. In particular, in 1958 the Chester Times did a series where they wrote a full page on each school district of […]

School Registration

As happens every year, registration is open for new students in WSSD. This is only for students newly arrived in the district or 5-6 year olds entering school for the first time, returning students don’t re-register. However, this year I’ve heard that there’s an unexpected problem. As noted […]

Homestead Tax Exemption

It’s school tax season, and I received our four annual tax bills from the school. Earlier I wrote about why WSSD’s poll tax is a bad idea (WSSD calls it a per capita tax). This year its the homestead exemption’s turn. In this year’s budget, WSSD highlighted the […]