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WSSD Athletic Field Survey

A reader pointed out to me that WSSD is conducting a survey about the use of its athletic fields. There’s only a week to respond, WSSD Operations is soliciting comments about our athletic fields for a study to be completed by ELA Sport consultants. We would like to […]

More Sleep Needed

Today is Daylight Savings Time, the biannual event that everyone agrees is a bad idea yet somehow persists. With it will come a Monday of sleep-deprived children (and teachers) struggling to consciousness at too early a time. This lack of sleep will lead to all sorts of bad […]

Township Elections 2023

This week I stopped by the Bureau of Elections in Media to find out who’d be on the ballot this year. The candidates for local office are: You’ll note that I’ve listed only one candidate for each office (there are two Region 2 seats up for election). Because […]

School Events This Week

Mental Health Resource Night WSSD has three school events this week. Tonight (March 7th), is Mental Health Resource Night from 6;30 – 8:30 at the SHMS auditorium. From the flier, it looks like there will be resource tables as well as presentations for both students and parents/guardians: It […]

Two Big Projects Coming Up

Two Garden City organizations are gearing up for big projects this year. Creekside Swim Club has launched its “Pool Our Resources” campaign. Creekside is in the best financial shape its been in for quite some time and now they’re looking to tackle some of the overdue maintenance to […]

WSSD Committees and More

Transparency At the school board meeting this past Monday, the school board decided to start streaming the committee meetings – policy, educational affairs, finance and facilities – like the board meetings themselves are now. This was one of the requests of the petition last month, so it’s good […]

Fees and Withholdings

Fees The school district facilities meeting presentation has a list of the proposed fee changes for groups using school facilities. The presentation contains a nice table clearly showing the existing fee structure and the proposed new fees. These fees would affect community groups such as the Wallingford-Swarthmore Community […]

WSSD Policies Feb 2023

I’ve heard the policy committee held a long meeting last week with many in attendance, which was dominated by discussions of policy 206. Policy 206 is the policy that determines which of the elementary schools children are sent to. The summary of the meeting posted by the district […]

Camp Fair, Shrek and more

This weekend the Delaware County Camp and Activities Fair is returning in person at NPE on Saturday from noon to 3 pm. If you haven’t been there before, this is a collection of organizations offering activities in the area – particularly summer activities – for children. It’s a […]

WSSD Petition Follow-up

This week the petition for improved transparency was delivered to the school board with 103 signatures (not 203, it was 103). In response, Board President Wachtman noted that some of the items on the petition are related to suggestions from the recent communications audit and that the district […]